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Putra [2015-09-01]  
This was so helpful and easy! Do you have any arlcties on rehab?
Hugh [2015-07-10]  
my skin looks alive
colin [2015-07-09]  
the moisture lasted for a long time and its oiliness was just right
Doris [2015-07-09]  
Smells like citron so fresh @
CHARLOTTE [2015-07-07]  
I felt kind of skin supple~~sooo good !
john peter [2015-07-03]  
i gained more confidence through my clear skin
kelly [2015-07-03]  
many wrinkles disappeared !
rosie [2015-07-01]  
the moisturizing power of samsung mayu was really great. ♥
kiara [2015-07-01]  
i have sensitive skin so i tend to be careful when choosing cosmetics it was different with samsung mayu however. there was less irritation and my skin wastn't burdened; i think this is the right for me. it's a refreshingly light and pure cream