Belleza castillo



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Beauty begins from the inside

‘Now that ‘beauty’ has become a competitiveness of modern society, Bellca has given a lot of thought on how to make you beautiful.
So, we came up with the beauty of ‘harmony between inside and outside’ as a scientific answer.
You will experience yourself becoming more beautiful day by day with this solution.

Belleza Castillo means a beautiful castle in Spanish.
We invite you, the seeker of beauty, to the belleza castillo.

White Lies

It is a health whitening cream with Niacinamide, the ingredient notified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, which brightens the skin by inhibiting melanin pigment and the EGF ingredient which helps the skin become healthy by vitalizing the skin.

Edgy Cutimal Animal Mask

With 4 types of animal print masks that you choose according to your skin troubles, you can’t get bored with skin care. These masks can be used safely by the whole family.