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With a new perspective on beauty through the development of scientific solutions
We want to create products that our bodies want to own.

Back in the 1960s, when President Kim Byeong-young was young, his hobby was presenting handmade cosmetics to his family and friends. It was the beginning of “Kim Byeong-young’s handmade cosmetics.” “Kim Byeong-young’s handmade cosmetics”, carefully made with good raw materials, delighted all recipients.

The gifts given to his family and acquaintances became the talk of the town, and he was asked to make gifts for complete strangers.

Soon people lined up in front of his house to ask him to make cosmetics.

President Kim Beong-young was in deep thought. “Let more people use better cosmetics.” His gifts became a commodity and “Kim Byeong-young’s handmade cosmetics” became Samsung Cosmetics, a pleasant gift for many people.

In 2014, Samsung Cosmetics Co., Ltd. began full-fledged brand marketing under the brand “Belleza castillo.” “Kim Byeong-young’s handmade cosmetics”, made from good raw materials more than 60 years ago, have become the more popular brand “Belleza castillo.”