#1: White Lie, Lily White Skin Male Version
What is this man doing? He desires to show his lady this 3D dosage form of white lie.
#2: White Lie, Lily White Skin Female Version
Men can look even more striking with white lie. This girlfriend longs to give a special gift of white lie to her man.
#3: Mask Pack, Gwiyomi Song
PLAY Mask Pack! Take a moment to imagine your girlfriend doing a cute dance while wearing the edge cutimal mask.
#4: Edge Cutimal Mask Pack X Spinning
This is an era where loveliness co-exists with enjoyment. Take the time to treat yourself to beauty care and energetic spinning exercise without worrying that the mask might fall off.
With 50 years of experience, Belleza Castillo is a cosmetic brand of Samsung International. Having started as the 8th cosmetic enterprise in Korea, it has now been leading the market trends in beauty for over 40 years.